Dr Matthew C Speed BDS (Hons)

What We Do

The starting point for any new patient is a thorough examination of their dentition. I carefully examine gums, teeth, bite, jaw muscles, joints among other things. I use digital photography and digital (low dose) radiographs, for record-keeping and to show my patient their teeth as I see them and any problems present.

I then sit with my patient and discuss their dental condition, the problems they have, the consequences of these problems and the treatment options that I recommend. I use the photographs to show my patient why treatment is required. We then discuss the treatment options that I recommend and their relative costs. A written quote is usually provided.

The treatment options that I provide are wide ranging and include: tooth whitening using the wonderful new Belgium Smartbleach Laser Light system, tooth-coloured bonded resin restorations, porcelain restorations including veneers and crowns, root canal therapy, bite analysis and reconstruction, smile analysis and general cleaning.

I use a state-of-the-art operating microscope for most dental procedures to provide unparalleled vision and illumination. This technology greatly enhances my ability to create world class dentistry.

Should further care be required, I refer my patients to a skilled set of Specialists. These include: Orthodontists (for braces), Prosthodontist (implants), Pediatric Dentist, Oral Surgeons (extractions and surgical procedures), Periodontist (gum treatment), Advanced Dental Technician (dentures) and Endodontists.

I understand that your time, like mine, is valuable and therefore endeavour to always run on time. Early morning (7.30am) appointments are taken advantage of by my busy patients.
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