Teeth Whitening with SmartBleach

Bring your smile to life!

One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures we perform at our practice is teeth whitening. Every day patients are regaining confidence in their smile with the help of the world's most advanced teeth whitening system, Smartbleach 3LT.

Smartbleach is a photo-dynamic teeth bleaching procedure that creates long-lasting teeth whitening in as little as 45 minutes. The results are immediate, natural, consistent and safely attained.

Utilising a unique combination of pure green laser-like light and a scientifically-engineered alkaline gel, Smartbleach produces beautiful, natural results whilst also targeting coffee and smoking stains that other systems can't budge.

Smartbleach is performed in our surgery and takes approximately 45 minutes.

Dr Speed has treated many clients with Smartbleach 3LT and continues to be impressed with its effectiveness and safety. It is the perfect procedure to bring your smile to life, whether that be for a wedding, birthday, special occasion or party.

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